We're taking a break

Hi Tech Buzz India Readers,

The last few months have been trying for us all, but we’ve all found ways to learn, grow and make ourselves better in whatever way we can. TechBuzz India was something I started with that exact intention.

However, along the way it’s grown into so much more. I’ve heard from and interacted with passionate, opinionated and curious folks across the Indian startup ecosystem. From these interactions, it’s clear that our ecosystem craves connected, curated platforms where we can meet each other, discuss and grow together.

In working on TBI I realised that there is more content out there than anyone can ever hope to consume. Our efforts at distilling the news and bringing you stories aimed to cut down the noise and clutter. However, I believe that the both the format and content need to be reexamined to truly deliver the experience I had envisioned. So today, I’ve taken the hard decision to pause Tech Buzz India until such time as I came back with something more meaningful to readers (and listeners) to consume and enjoyable for me to produce. It may not even be content honestly, but figuring that out is a part of the journey I will have to undertake.

Many thanks to my team - Shubham and Aishwarya and to all those who contributed with both suggestions and feedback. Till then, keep in touch and stay tuned.